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An author’s prediction about eBooks back in the year 2000

Back in the year 2000, thriller author Jeffery Deaver was asked by Writer’s Digest Magazine writer Katie Struckel this question: ‘What are your opinions on electronic publishing?









Here is Jeffrey’s answer from the November 2000 issue of Writer’s Digest:

‘It’s a medium like anything else, and I think if we writers neglect the trend we will, to some extent, be left behind. … I’ve taken a look at some of these electronic books, and technologically, they aren’t the same as flipping through even a cheap paperback on the beach. … But I think anybody who says, ‘Oh, it’s just a wave that’s going to pass or it’s newfangled and it’s too difficult, let’s forget about it’ – I think that’s shortsighted. I think it’s another wonderful way to get the words we, writers, create into the hands and the hearts and minds of the readers, and you neglect it at your peril.’

Seems you don’t need a crystal ball to see the future, just some vision.