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Bruce Foot is based in Melbourne-Australia. He is a freelance writer, author and illustrator who has built a reputation around the world as a professional with an impressive folio of projects.


For as long as I can recall I have been making stuff up. I guess that means I’m creative. As a child I would draw pictures until I had used every scrap of paper in the house or I’d play for hours using a cool device called an i-Magination. Only kidding.

Later on, I started making stuff up for other people. For years I’ve created blurbs that companies print on the back of packages. Weird stuff like coffee boxes and nut packets. I seem to write about food a lot. It just makes me hungry though.

But what I really love doing is writing and illustrating stories. I love it. I hope you like my stories and the characters as much as I loved creating them. To find out more about the books, go to www.planetpaz.com.au

Thank you,

Bruce Foot