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I think writer’s block, for me at least, is not that we have run out of creative juice (You know that heart-pumping fuel that drives us forward in a story.) I believe it’s the mind’s ability to trick us; to convince us that we have nothing left in the tank. For good or bad, our mind blocks our view of the creative horizon; protecting us from more hard work, more writing, more editing; shielding us from disappointment. What if everyone hates it, or laughs at my efforts? All those self-doubts.

The best way to beat the block is to hit it with something hard.

Hit it with persistence! Write with guts. Sit down and write. Write anything. Get past the mud-sodden bog by moving forward until you hit dry land. Cast aside your critical self and let the artist work. 


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    Thank u so much Jeff Goins for this article I ve been experiencing writer s block for a while now after few weeks of starting a new book and just reading this article has shot inspiration into me I ll just go ahead and Write!

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    To overcome writing blocks, Oliver suggests asking writers questions to uncover their writing process.


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