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Motivation & Inspiration

Steven Pressfield

‘My writing philosophy is a kind of warrior code—internal rather than external—in which the enemy is identified as those forms of self-sabotage that I call “Resistance” with a capital R (in The War of Art). The technique for combating these foes can be described as “turning pro.”’



Heather Castles

Tips from Heather Castles, a Canadian illustrator and designer based in Adelaide, Australia.



This is a deviation from the norm. Art that challenges and inspires. A great space to build a profile as an illustrator, join a community, sell prints, promote your art. Also a great resource of inspiration.




A Great app service for social media sharing, Shareaholic works with many platforms like WordPress. I have used it on Dreamweaver. You have to post code, but Shareaholic makes it easy. If you can build a sight with Dreamweaver then you can easily follow the simple steps for adding the code. You have to register, but then you can make changes on the fly with an interface.


dwuser, Easyrotator

EasyRotator ® allows you to build impressive jQuery sliders / rotators for your webpages in minutes.  Available as a Dreamweaver extension and standalone application and WordPress plugin, it lets you select photos, choose a layout, make customizations, then have all necessary code automatically added to your page.  Making updates is just as simple.


dwuser, maximenu

Fully responsive, menu builder extension for Dreamweaver.